Askable Brand Guidelines

Here are a few resources to help you present the Askable brand the way it should be! If you need something else, feel free to reach out to us at
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askable brand guidelines

The Basics

'Askable' should always be capitalised, but not in the logo which is lower case. When referring to other Askable product or features we like to capitalise those too for example 'Askable Sessions' which is our online moderated discovery tool.

We have one exception to this which is 'Askable+'. Where you can please use the '+' symbol. We know sometimes this isn't always possible, so in that case please use 'Askable Plus' as a fallback.

Ready to go copy

Here are a few blurbs we've prepared to help you out!

Our Company
Askable is an Australian born startup, reinventing the way teams conduct research.

Our Purpose
Accelerate product improvement around the world.

Brand Tagline
Insights. Delivered.

Less snappy, more detail
Askable is changing the research game by delivering insights through faster project setup and facilitation, through better workflows, participants and on demand researchers. Not only that, our purpose built tools fit every project's workflow. Whether your taking advantage of Automated Continuous Discovery through Askable+ or running a few moderated usability testing sessions, Askable will keep you focussed on extracting insights and automate the busy work like paying participants and scheduling calls. Ready to get actionable insights fast? sign up at

Super snappy
Askable is an all-in-one insights platform, delivering real, actionable insights fast, Whether your team is super established or just starting out, Askable can equip you with the right tools, processes and most importantly people to get you the insight your need to your critical questions.

Askable wordmark

The Askable wordmark is always our preference when adding our logo to content. If space is limited the logo mark can be used on its own.

askable icon


Clearspace should be based on the icon from the logomark as shown below.


The logo and logomark should always be placed on the below colours. If there is another brand colour that is primarily used our preference is a one colour white version.

Logo paired with co-marketing logo

To maintain brand consistency when featuring Askable in partnership with another company, please ensure that the spacing on either side of the line element is equivalent to the width of the Askable logo. Additionally, it's important to ensure that both logos and the line element are of the same height.

Use the Askable logo to determine space between logo and barrier.
Askable wordmark with company partner wordmark.


Below you'll find a few files ready for download.

Download Assets

Core brand palette

Use the following colours

HEX 3551CC
RBG 19 82 204
CMYK 87 72 0 0
HEX FF5065
RBG 255 80 101
CMYK 0 83 48 0
RBG 252 230 76
CMYK 3 4 82 0
HEX 00776E
RBG 0 119 110
CMYK 88 33 58 14

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