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Moderated research is fragmented, overwhelming, and time consuming

Notes with timestamps

2:03 - The user is frustrated

Analysing notes taken

Grouping into themes

Debriefing meeting

Starts in 2 hours

Report on latest study

Key takeaways from interview

Debriefing meeting

Starts in 2 hours

Interview scheduled

Starts in 25 minutes

Notes taken on call

20:00 - User likes product

Report on latest study

Key takeaways and quotes

Interview scheduled

Starts in 10 minutes

Analysing notes taken

Grouping into themes

Notes with timestamps

2:03 - The user is frustrated

Debriefing meeting

Starts in 2 hours

Report on latest study

Key takeaways and quotes

Interview scheduled

Starts in 25 minutes

Analysing notes taken

Grouping into themes

Debriefing meeting

Starts in 2 hours

Turn the chaos

into clarity.


Simplified workflows that scale

Save time and improve efficiency

Propel your team’s efficiency by up to 50%, allowing them to get to insights 10x faster.

Scale moderated research

Standardise your research process, improve collaboration, and do 10x more research.

"Askable is now a one stop shop for qualitative research and analysis. I can go from my interview straight into tagging, extracting insights and easily communicate them to stakeholders through highlight reels in the insights. Where I used to have three different tools for interviews, analysis and reporting I can now do everything in Askable. It’s slick and efficient!"

- Pascal, Askable+ Researcher

Build better products and experiences

Get actionable insights that influence key decisions allowing you to confidently prioritise what to build next.

With Askable

All your research in one place

Askable has everything you need to go from discovery to insights, 10x faster.

Centralise your moderated sessions, collaborate with your team, and share actionable insights with ease!
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Analysis and Synthesis

See the bigger picture, clearer and faster

Skip the preamble and cut to the insights that matter. Build codebooks,
collaborate with your team, and identify key themes.

Playback every session

Playback allows you to watch every session whenever, wherever.


Built on the latest AI breakthroughs, our transcripts are highly accurate.

Add even more notes

Collaborate with your team in real-time. Add and edit notes for faster analysis.

Highlight what matters

Uncover themes easily. Highlight key quotes and add tags.

Manage codebooks and tags

Set up codebooks and manage tags to have them in your grasp when you need it.

Add highlights to create reels that tell a story

Report and Share

Share actionable insights with evidence

Let your customers take centre stage and influence key stakeholders with
actionable insights. Create, edit together, and securely share them with anyone, anywhere.

Slash command

The "/" slash command is your magic key! It summons a menu, packed with block types including content blocks, column layouts, media, and more. Your imagination is the limit!

Put your customer in spotlight

Go beyond static reports and truly bring your insights to life.

Filter and search for evidence

Zero in on highlights you created based on studies, tags, and more.

Combine highlights into reels

Store highlights and join them together to create reels that tell a story.

Build beautiful insight pages

Add a personal touch and customise it, your way!

Share insights with anyone

Securely share and take action with evidence-based insights accessible at any time, from anywhere.

Get everyone on the same page, literally

Collaborate with your team and build better products and experiences with confidence!



Coming Soon

Step into the realm where insights are just a whisper away! No more manual work, biases, or delays. “Able”, Askable’s AI, is a tailored LLM intricately designed for research. Integrated across all your studies and exclusively confined to your unstructured data, ask Able to make quicker decisions based on pure, actionable insights.

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When will I get access to the new features?

We share your excitement about the new features! Due to the beta nature of this rollout, we are handling onboarding manually to ensure a smooth user experience. After signing up for early access, keep an eye on your inbox for an email with more details about when and how you'll gain access.

How much do the new features cost?

At Askable, our commitment to delivering value is front and center in everything we do, and our new features are no exception. We've designed these enhancements with the same value-based approach in mind. For those who've signed up for early access, you'll be pleased to know that all these new features will be accessible at no additional cost. Stay tuned for our final pricing details as we approach our production launch.

When are the new features available to everyone?

We can't wait to make these new features available to all of our users! Our team is diligently working to ensure a seamless experience, aiming for a full production release by the end of November, if not sooner. Stay tuned for updates!