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Askable was born out of a digital marketing agency. We experienced participant recruitment first hand, and it was broken. So we fixed it. Now we're excited to be helping brands build better experiences faster. Every day.




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Our Team

Dre Zhou

Where there’s a will, there’s a Dre. Got a problem? He’ll fix it. Dre always thinks 42 steps ahead and If on the rare chance he’s not working on Askable, he’s thinking about Askable.

John Goleby

Committed to causing an impact for our clients, John won't stop until the Askable platform the way testing is done around the world.

Francisco Varisco

Let’s face it, this guy loves web and mobile technology. When it comes to developing a rock solid platform, ‘San Fran’ is aiming for nothing short of the world’s best.

Nic Peck

Nic develops stuff that people love. In fact, in his spare time he once built a drawing platform that nearly broke the internet – 250,000 drawings were created in 4 hours.

Vinicius Gaviraghi

Based in Brazil (making us a truly international startup), Vini is a powerhouse software engineer with a can-do attitude smashing the roadmap one line of code at a time.

Jona Peck

Jonathan (often referred to as Jona on the streets) believes every UX designer should be using Askable, and he’s quite vocal about it.

Colleen Gao

Colleen hates writing bios about herself but will do it for the cause. She’s all about growth and is helping take Askable to a whole nother level.

Scott Goleby

With 1 billion years' sales and operations experience, Scott was feeling self-conscious and made us take his photo using FaceApp

Jonathan Foster
Sales - UK

Jonathan is a clone of Jonathan who we teleported to London but then teleported back to Australia and is helping to launch Askable into the UK market.

Mike Bye
Customer Service

Mike (ex-Apple) is the most helpful person on the planet. He's dedicated to making sure your project runs smoothly, but he might ask you to buy Apple Care™ out of habit.

Rachit Moti

With many years of experience working in a high growth startup and leading entry into new markets, Rachit is the guy who's been there and done that - literally. He also plays drums.

Jonah Guo
Account Growth

Jonah is responsible for identifying, winning, and growing strategic alliances and partnerships with our biggest enterprise customers.

Patrick Long

Patrick is our "boots on the ground" in the US, and is working hard to help us launch Askable into the US market. Don't worry he looks much more casual on Zoom calls.

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