Automated continuous insights, delivered at scale

The world’s sharpest humans directing the most powerful AI research co-pilots. Nope, it’s not the plot of Will Smith’s next flop, it’s the dawn of truth-driven research.
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Trusted by teams all over the world

Be the smartest in the room building

End the trade-off between breadth and depth in your research. Identify new opportunities, build a deeper understanding of your customers, and make evidence-based decisions at a speed and scale that was never before possible. 

Always ‘on’ discovery, managed by an expert.

Provide your brief, and let an Askable Plus researcher lead the way in harnessing AI for deep dives, recruiting participants, conducting expert interviews, and delivering weekly snapshots directly to you.
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Unbelievable depth, unprecedented scale.

Run hundreds of interviews every week, not months. Your Askable Plus researcher sets up AI-moderated studies that delve deep into your objectives, with AI keeping conversations on track and using smart, context-aware follow-up questions.
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Surface unbiased insights, in real-time.

All interviews are automatically transcribed and synthesised in real-time to identify key themes and insights. Your Askable Plus researcher enriches this data with weekly snapshots, providing in-depth analysis tailored to your needs.
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Prioritise action based on trends, no guesswork.

For the first time ever, bridge the gap between qualitative depth and quantitative clarity. Our discovery dashboard shows you which insights are trending, helping you cut through the noise and act on what truly matters.
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Simplified process — in a nutshell

Here's an example of what a typical continuous study might look like.
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Stay ahead of your competition

Break away from the pack and stop chasing your competitors. Gain the advantage of truly understanding what makes your customers choose you. Stay informed about their evolving needs, identify industry trends, and refine your unique value proposition.

Loved by innovators

"Being able to interview 100s of real humans in such a natural way to supercharge the discovery phase is something most teams are dreaming of - at scale, fast and with high quality."
Jo Pforr
Product & Innovation Lead,
Australian Payments Plus
"Askable has transformed research by scaling a few human-led conversations into over a hundred in just days -- allowed us to gather a vast amount of data and insights in a fraction of the time."
Jayne Parfitt
Senior Research Consultant

Askable's Human Directed AI, your discovery co-pilot

Supercharge your discovery research with Askable's Human Directed AI. Let AI conduct, analyse, and generate high-quality, unbiased insights empowering you to make better decisions.

AI-moderated interviews

Interactive and natural conversation, designed for depth

Adaptive and fast

Quick to deploy and change objectives if and when needed

AI-assisted synthesis

Identify themes and patterns based on interview transcripts

Dynamic real-time insights

Deeper insights are generated in real-time after every interview

Insights trend over time

Learn if an insight trends up or down over time, helping prioritisation

Secure and compliant

Enterprise-grade security & data handling. ISO 27001 compliant


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