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How Askable Plus helped Macquarie University make informed decisions within three weeks

"In the middle of the presentation, my manager wrote to me and said, 'this is fantastic.' So he was really happy"

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"Askable gives us direct access to the right customers to build rapport right from the start. Considering the sensitive nature of our projects, this is the biggest value Askable provides that no other recruitment panel matches in the market."

Kath Rochjadi

Digital Customer Experience Research Manager

"We have found Askable to be incredibly reliable. They are easy and efficient to deal with, provide great quality participants, and allow us to deliver our projects within very tight time frames."

Mat Lyons

Experience Researcher & Psychologist

"Askable makes recruiting participants super simple and straightforward. I love that we can hand pick exactly who we want, and the level of customer service you guys give is *insane*!"

Jamil Premji

User Researcher

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