Leveraging UX research to create better banking experiences

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Leveraging UX research to create better banking experiences

In the competitive and dynamic landscape of banking and fintech products, the need for exceptional user experiences becomes paramount. In this fiercely competitive market, companies must navigate the rapidly evolving technological landscape to stand out amidst the crowd and encourage new customers to their product.

​Join us for an in-person panel discussion as we explore how banking companies leverage UX research and design to create better banking experiences for customers and acquire new customers.

​To delve into this topic we have experts from various different banking companies to provide their unique insights ✨

Meet your panellists

Neeraj Pattni

Product Designer, Metro Bank

​Currently working as the Lead Product Designer overseeing the digital onboarding process for Business and Personal accounts at Metro Bank, Neeraj specialises in crafting a seamless and enjoyable user experience. He has 4+ years of design experience leading on groundbreaking new products and initiatives in cross collaborative teams.

​At Metro Bank, his focus is on enhancing usability, boosting conversion rates for new customers, and championing inclusive design practices.

Lucia Barbagello

UX Designer, Lloyds Banking Group

​Currently working at Lloyds Banking Group, Lucia is a designer & artist based in London.
A hiker-lover and travel enthusiast, Lucia discovered her passion for design
through cycling and walking.

​She lives for empowering people by designing products and services that resolve problems with lasting & meaningful value. 
Design for Lucia is about identifying problems and finding possible solutions within ecosystems.
Outside of work she is designing and renovating her flat in London with the aims to transform it in a sustainable Dolomites hut.

Lucia's motto is: 'Be Kind, be happy, have a purpose’.

Agnieszka Rzesniowiecka

Senior UX Researcher, Wise Business

​Aga is a Senior UX Researcher at Wise, investigating how Wise can best support its business users globally. She previously worked at IBM, focussing on businesses building innovative products on top of IBM's offering, and Dext - a smart accounting toolkit for accountants and businesses. She appreciates fintech and B2B products for their multi-layered complexity and how much the emotional, subjective and social factors play a role in financial experiences that are usually thought to be dispassionate and logical.

​Outside of work, Aga is a portrait photographer. She also works with women to realise their public speaking potential and leads the only women-focused Toastmasters club in the UK.

​Moderated by

Raymond Tiong

Previously Senior Design Researcher, Xero

​Ray is a designer-turned-researcher who has recently moved to London from Auckland, New Zealand.

​After experimenting with graphic design, art history, and innovation strategy, he discovered his calling in UX research. Ray previously worked at the accounting platform Xero, where he started as a product designer before transitioning to design research.

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