Navigating beyond the Evaluative Loop: Meetup

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Navigating beyond the Evaluative Loop: Meetup

​In the fast-paced world of product development, it's easy to get caught in a cycle that feels productive but actually stifles innovation and growth. We refer to this cycle as "The Evaluative Loop," and it can become a comfort zone for many of us in teams.

​However, there's a more effective path to creating products that resonate deeply with users and drive impactful outcomes: generative research.

​Join us for a panel event where we explore how to escape the evaluative loop and the power of generative research.

Meet your panellists

Brandon Di Bartolo

Head of Product, Askable

​Currently Head of Product at Askable, Brandon is passionate about crafting exceptional experiences! With 9+ years of diverse experience spanning design, UX, and product strategy, he has had the privilege of contributing to startups and ASX-listed companies alike. His approach centres on understanding customer needs deeply to unearth opportunities that directly impact business outcomes.

Brandon thrives on immersing himself in the world of users, spending invaluable time to grasp their motivations, attitudes and pain points. This fuels his passion for building products that users never knew they needed.

Whether it’s refining existing products or spearheading new innovations, he is dedicated to enhancing the day-to-day experiences of users.

Venessa Bennett

Global Director of UX, Dye & Durham Corporation

​Currently working as the Global Director of UX at Dye and Durham Coporation, Vanesssa is an experienced Design Leader specialising in designing digital experiences that solve user problems, while achieving business objectives.

She works alongside the C-suite to promote the importance of design thinking and collaboration throughout the business. She builds inclusive and diverse teams and enable them to perform at their best by providing an environment that’s focused on understanding the user, refining design processes and helping each individual grow and progress in their careers.

​Moderated by

Alex Ford

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