The enhanced role of UX in a world with increased AI adoption

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The enhanced role of UX in a world with increased AI adoption

Join us for a compelling panel discussion as we explore the significant transformations in user experience design driven by the advent of artificial intelligence. Since the introduction of ChatGPT over a year ago, AI has reshaped our understanding of technology and its integration into daily products and services. With countless startups and established companies now focusing on AI, the role of UX in this AI-first world is more crucial than ever.

​This webinar will deep dive into how AI has revolutionized UX functions and will continue to do so, examining the new challenges and opportunities it presents. Our expert panel will discuss how UX professionals can adapt and thrive in this evolving landscape, focusing on current implementations, future trends, and the ethical dimensions of AI in design.

What will be discussed:

  • AI's Current Role in UX: How AI is redefining UX strategies and implementations.
  • Impact of AI on UX: The ongoing and future changes AI is expected to bring to UX design.
  • Exploring New Interaction Methods: The rise of innovative user experiences facilitated by AI.
  • AI's Contribution to Accessibility: How AI tools are improving accessibility across digital platforms.
  • Navigating Ethics and Privacy in AI: Addressing the critical ethical and privacy issues in AI-driven designs.
  • Future of AI in UX Design: Speculating on how AI will continue to transform the UX landscape.


Sharbani Dhar

​The 2023 winner of the ISG Digital Titan Award, Sharbani is the Ex-Design Director of Auspost and now Founder and CEO of DotInfinity, a design led product strategy consultancy helping organisations get powered by AI and DeepTech. She advocates for design-led solutions that align customer needs with business goals. Her expertise covers Government, Telecommunications, Finance, and Technology sectors. An active community member, she volunteers as a Consumer Advisor for Monash Health and serves on the Advisory Board for Design Outlook.

​Beyond her professional sphere, Sharbani explores her creative pursuits in film production, producing short films that shed light on socially relevant themes.

Marc Phoa

​Marc is a Client Engagement Principal and AI Practice lead at DiUS, an Australian consulting firm specialising in emerging technologies. In his role, he helps organisations large and small navigate their AI journey - from initial awareness and experimentation to full-scale production. He is passionate about forming cross-functional teams to build AI-powered products, particularly those that deliver positive social impact.

​​Nate Cutcliffe (Host)

​​​Enterprise Usage Lead, Askable

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