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Whether you’re conducting interviews with participants sourced by you or recruited by us, Askable Sessions is the secure, purpose-built tool for effective remote research sessions.
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Simple set up

All-in-one remote testing suite, integrated into the Askable App.
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Stay focussed on the call

Take notes, or mark a key moment for later. Our notes feature keeps you focussed on the session, but allows you to capture important details in real time.

Watch your session back in Playback

Once you're finished your session you can jump into playback, watch the key moments from the interview back and review any important notes you took during the call.
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Robust privacy & security

We take privacy and security seriously at Askable, and don’t hide consent away in our T&Cs. We share clear reminders that sessions are recorded, provide blurred backgrounds in-session.


Although there are many ways to generate a transcript outside of the Askable platform, we've added it to our playback experience, giving you the ability to review edit and download directly from Askable. We've got plenty to add to transcription so keep your eyes peeled!
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How it works

Askable Sessions is the end-to-end remote testing toll that does all the thinking for you, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Virtual lobby

Ensure a smooth start in our virtual lobby for your Participants.

Automatic recording

We press ‘record’ for you, so you don’t have to. Once you're done you can jump into playback and watch the session back, and grab the transcription while you're at it.

Screen sharing

Seamless screen sharing and audio/video settings allow you to test effectively to suit your needs.

Text chat

Need to send a prototype to your participants? Use the messaging feature to communicate directly!

Using a different video tool?

No problem! Just use the in-built messaging tool to send meeting links to Participants directly. We can't guarantee it'll be a slick as Askable Sessions though 😉.

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