3 unmoderated tools you have to try if you are in UX

February 19, 2020

In a recent post we talked about the new wave of combining the scale of quantitative research with the depth of qualitative research in an unmoderated way. There are heaps of tools out there for this. Some, you would have heard of and others, maybe not.

Here are just 3 noteworthy ones that we think you should take a look at for your next research project ;)

Optimal Workshop

Optimal Workshop is becoming more of a staple weapon in the UX arsenal. However, if you are new to the world of unmoderated testing, you might not have heard of them. Optimal are great for things such as tree-jack and card sorting tests. These are a fantastic way of getting inside the head of users in terms of menu structures and layout.

Optimal Workshop also provides tools for things like first click tests. It’s really the best way of knowing if your design is truly giving a great first impression. They can also handle other things like standard surveys with ease. All in all, a great reliable tool for any UXer!


These guys sit in their own space, being one of the few tools out there with a Diary Study focus. If you’re new to the UX world, a Diary Study is when you provide homework tasks over an extended period of time and monitor their progress. Perfect for ‘in-context’ studies.

Diary studies are becoming more and more popular due to tools like Dscout. Before, running tests like this was expensive, time consuming and difficult to yield results. But with Dscout, set up your ‘mission’ and ‘tasks’ and watch the insights come in. Of course paired with finding awesome people via Askable (shameless plug :P). We have actually worked very closely with the US team there on some large projects, check ‘em out!


Providing a bunch of useful tools for UXers, one stands out to us all the time and that is their ‘Self-Test’ product. It allows you to take prototype testing to a new level, again ALL unmoderated. Lookback allows participants to interact and complete tasks on a prototype while even recording their screen, camera and voice if you so please!

Often referred to as ‘Talk-out-loud’ tests, these are also becoming more and more popular due to the fact that before tools like this existed, it was all just a bit too hard to get it done. But now you can get qualitative insights on your prototype, all while you are off doing whatever you like. Get a coffee, analyse some data, rescue a dog – your choice!

Feeling better about unmoderated? I hope so! :) Good thing too is that all these tools can be used alongside Askable. Setup your tasks on any of these tools, copy the link and paste it into your Askable booking. Easy peasy.

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