The Power of Continuous Discovery

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The Power of Continuous Discovery

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​Step into the forefront of product innovation with 'The Power of Continuous Discovery' event!

​Amidst the buzz in the product realm, one concept reigns supreme: Continuous Discovery. But what does it entail, and why is it crucial for organisational success?

​Come join us to discover how continuous discovery equips teams to not just keep pace but surge ahead, anticipating and meeting evolving customer demands and enabling organisations to deliver products that truly resonate.

​​Meet your speakers

​Gerisha Nadaraju

Product Ops Consultant

Founder & Host of @ Product Ops Podcast

​Gerisha is an experienced Product Operations leader who has headed up the function at two UK fintech scale-ups (Dojo, TrueLayer) and now uses this experience as a Product Ops Coach and Consultant.

​She is the founder and host of Product Ops Podcast which she started in 2021 to share learnings on a nascent function, amplify diverse voices and build a sense of community. Gerisha is originally from South Africa and has an MBA from Oxford University. She is also passionate about helping women in tech navigate their careers, with a newly launched podcast called The Other Half.

​Desislava Genova

Product Design Leader & Strategist

​Desislava is a Product Design Leader with 8+ years of experience, specialising in driving impact in start-ups and scale-ups. She is passionate about human-centred design, behavioural psychology and bringing innovative ways to add value. She firmly believes that the best way to achieve this is through curiosity, diversity of opinions, and a genuine desire to make a positive impact on someone's life.

​In her spare time, she can be found attending industry events, improving her design and leadership skills or in the front row of a stand-up comedy show.

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