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January 29, 2024


Get to insights, 10x faster with Askable Sessions

We're thrilled to unveil the newest additions to Askable Sessions 🎉

Now you can analyse, synthesise, and share actionable insights more efficiently than ever - all within one integrated platform.

Playback has evolved

We’ve updated the playback screen to accomodate the new enhancements in this release. All your favourite features are still just a click away. Notes can now be found neatly on the right and the transcript is the hero, making it easy to focus on your observations.

Get to the point, faster

You can now highlight important parts of the transcript and add a tag, making it effortless to analyse, synthesise and create highlights ready for your insight page!

More on playback here

Get your evidence together

We've taken highlights a step further, to help you tell the full story, with evidence. On top of creating beautiful customisable pages, you can now embed a highlight from a session directly into your insight page or stitch them together to create a full reel ready to watch.

Get everyone on the same page, literally

Add your personal touch to the insight with a splash of colour, then deliver them directly to your clients! Our secure, view-only public links make your evidence-based insights accessible at any time, from anywhere.

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