Fair Labour Practices

We take our fair compensation and labour obligations seriously. We adhere strictly to fair labour practices. Here you will find a policy statement covering our commitment to fairness and our conduct in the use of labour.


Employee working hours are governed by local standards but are not more than 50 hours per week (including overtime) for full-time employment unless employees voluntarily agree otherwise.

Part-time or temporary employment is governed by local and national regulations. Hours worked on a temporary basis do not exceed those for full employment.

Employees are paid in accordance with local and/or national laws and non-salaried employees are paid overtime as earned in accordance with such legislation.

Each employee has at least two days off during every 7-day working week unless, in extraordinary business circumstances, they voluntarily agree otherwise.

Employees agree to pay due taxes that are payable to their relevant taxation authority.


Ensure all participants are fairly compensated for their time to perform the research assignment.  

No use of minors (under 18) or children to attend feedback sessions, product reviews, and or attend user testing interviews (unless accompanied by an adult). Both adults and children will be due appropriate compensation according to their involvement in the task .

We will pay the compensation to the participant swiftly and in a manner that is easily accessible to them. Payment will be made within a maximum of one week from the date of the completed task.

Participants agree to pay due taxes (earned from incentive payments) to their relevant taxation authority.

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